Reflex Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plating System

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Reflex Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plating System
Category: Cervical Fixation

Low-profile anterior cervical plate with multiple bone screw types to allow for a wide variety of constructs that are able to accommodate both semi-constrained and rigid bone screw fixation philosophies


Reflex Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plating System 
Because we've combined the fixation philosophies of both constrained and semi-constrained cervical plating systems, you can use the most applicable technique to treat a variety of traumatic and non-traumatic cervical spine pathologies. 
  • 2.1mm plate profile to help reduce soft tissue irritation
  • Large graft-viewing windows allow you to visualize the endplates to aid in graft positioning
  • A one-step locking ring within each screw hole is designed to expand upon screw insertion, and then to contract over the head to hold each screw securely in place

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