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BIO Wedge
Category: Biomaterials

Cancellous block and tricortical allografts harvested from various anatomical locations and designed for anterior cervical fusion and/or corpectomy


This family of allografts includes three unique options for anterior cervical fusion and/or corpectomy: Unicortical, Tricortical and Iliac Crest. While these grafts vary in anatomical origin, they are all designed to provide an osteoconductive matrix and are pre-sized for convenience and intraoperative efficiency. 
  • The Unicortical Wedge is a precision cut cancellous block with a single cortical face. It is recovered from the femoral condyles, femoral heads, and talus. It is available in an 11x14mm footprint with heights from 5-10mm.
  • The Tricortical Wedge is a parallel tricortical graft processed from the ilia. Its anterior-posterior depth ranges from 11-16mm, and its medial-lateral width ranges from 11-16mm. Heights include 5-10mm. 
  • The Iliac Crest Wedge is a parallel tricortical graft recovered from the crest of the ilium. It has a minimum anterior-posterior depth of 25mm and a minimum medial-lateral width of 8mm. Heights include 6-10mm and 18mm. 
  • All BIO Wedge allografts are Preservon® treated for fully hydrated ambient temperature storage 
  • All BIO Wedge allografts are processed with Allowash XG® to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level to 10-6 (SAL)1


  1. Moore M, Linthurst Jones A, Gaskins B et al. Adaptation of ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 method 2B Sterilization validation for medical devices to tissue banking. Presented at: American Association of Tissue Banks Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL August 2004.

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