VESUVIUS® Demineralized Sponge Osteobiologic System

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VESUVIUS® Demineralized Sponge Osteobiologic System
Category: Biologics

The VESUVIUS® Demineralized Sponge, processed by LifeNet Health®, provides a natural scaffold to allow for cellular ingrowth in spine bone void applications. The cancellous structure provides excellent flexibility and absorption. It conforms to and fills most bone void defects and resists migration from the surgical site. Using LifeNet Health’s proprietary and patented PAD® demineralization process, VESUVIUS Demineralized Sponge exposes natural growth factors present in allograft tissue with osteoinductive potential.


  • Natural Scaffold for Healing & Cellular Ingrowth
  • Compresses to Fit Inside Voids
  • Naturally Absorbs & Retains Bioactive Fluids, Such as Blood, Bone Marrow Aspirate, & Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Resists Migration From Surgical Site
  • Contains No Carrier or Fillers & Comprises 100% Tissue
  • Available in Cube, Strip, & Filler Configurations
  • Processed by LifeNet Health®, a Leading Allograft Bio-Implant & Regenerative Medicine Company

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