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VIKOS® Cervical Allograft System
Category: Biologics

The VIKOS® Cervical Allograft product portfolio is designed specifically for anterior cervical spine surgery to enhance osteoconductivity. The allografts provide structural support in a combination of cortical and cancellous configurations. VIKOS Cervical is available in a variety of sizes to meet surgeons’ clinical needs. The VIKOS Cervical Allograft System are distributed by K2M and processed by LifeNet Health®.


  • Cortical & Cancellous Allograft Options to Enhance Osteoconductivity
  • Variety of Sizes to Meet Surgeons’ Clinical Needs
  • PRESERVON®-Treated Bio-Implants Are Packaged in a Hydrated State & Do Not Require Rehydration
  • Processed by LifeNet Health®, a Leading Allograft Bio-Implant & Regenerative Medicine Company

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