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Maestro Air
Category: Spinal Access and Decompression

Engineered to maximize reliability during the toughest procedures.


The Maestro Air gives you the power you need for the toughest procedures with the intuitive feel you appreciate in pneumatic systems. Customization options let you create a drill portfolio that reflects your own personal style and preferences.
  • Pneumatic motor rated up to 150 psi
  • 20 percent more torque than previous model
  • 25 percent more power in watts
  • Speeds up to 75K RPMs
  • Lighter, more flexible hose with cleaner, low-friction coating to reduce catching
  • Improved swivel at hose for greater freedom of movement
  • Refined attachment design for improved balance and maneuverability
  • Works with the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Elite, Footed, Heavy Duty and MIS attachments and cutting accessories—including tapered and telescoping options for optimal sightlines

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