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Category: Spinal Access and Decompression

Our Spetzler-Malis Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps are a versatile surgical instrument that delivers optimal sightlines, balanced high-comfort ergonomics and superb non-stick coagulation performance.


Since 2006, Spetzler-Malis Standard Bipolar Forceps have performed with excellence in neurosurgery and more. In addition to the Standard model, the Spetzler-Malis family includes Slim and Dual Irrigating designs.
  • Proprietary non-stick technology that reduces sticking and charring
  • Precision tips and sleek bayonet design
  • Single-use design for optimal tip alignment and coagulation performance
  • Refined ergonomics and fine-tuned spring force to enhance control and tactile feedback
  • Flexible, lightweight 24-inch cord for less backend weight
  • Sterile and disposable
  • Slim model – specially designed for access to narrow surgical fields
  • Compatible with Malis Bipolar Generator – the latest technology for precision controlled power and irrigation

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