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RAVINE® Lateral Access System
Category: Minimally Invasive, Spinal Access and Decompression

The RAVINE® Lateral Access System is a dual flat blade platform for a true muscle-splitting transpsoas approach, offering rigid fixation to the spine and an option for both a third and fourth blade. With its ability to fixate directly to the spine, RAVINE effectively does away with the necessity of a traditional table-mounted arm by actually referencing the patient. K2M’s lateral access system represents an innovative design departure from the tubular retractors, while providing tremendous adaptability to both patient anatomy and surgeon technique.


  • Dual Flat Blade Platform for a True Muscle-splitting Transpsoas Approach; Enters the Psoas In-line with the Muscle Fibers
  • Retractor Frame Fixates Directly to the Spine Through a Variety of Fixation Pins & Intradiscal Shims
  • Direct & Fluoroscopic Visualization of the Disc Space
  • Complete Offering of Disc Preparation Instruments, Including Curettes, Rongeurs, Rasps, Disc Spreaders, Scrapers & Cobb Elevators
  • Full Array of ALEUTIAN Lateral & CASCADIA Lateral 3D Interbodies & Instruments Specific to the Far Lateral Approach

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