TERRA NOVA® Minimally Invasive Access System

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TERRA NOVA® Minimally Invasive Access System
Category: Minimally Invasive, Spinal Access and Decompression

The TERRA NOVA Minimally Invasive Access System is designed to be used with the EVEREST MI Spinal System and the SERENGETI Minimally Invasive Retractor System. This intermuscular approach features a spine-based method of retraction and distraction. This simplified, lowprofile design allows for enhanced visualization and direct access to the intervertebral space for implant insertion.


  • Unique, spine-based retractor is designed to provide stability and prevent migration of the assembly intraoperatively
  • All-in-one retractor distractor blade design provides the capability to simultaneously retract tissue medially while distracting the disc space
  • Intermuscular approach simplifies access to L5-S1
  • Ability to compress and distract bilaterally with minimal instrumentation
  • Direct visualization and access to intervertebral space provides tactile feedback for simplified implant insertion
  • Low-profile, ergonomic blade design provides visualization of the working field

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