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LITe Pedicle Access Solution
Category: Spinal Access and Decompression, Thoracolumbar Fixation

Y-Wire and Y-Needle Family
A less invasive pedicle access solution designed to allow for controlled guidewire advancement and retraction


Guidewires are crucial to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The Y-Wire is made from highly polished Nitinol material with a patented Y tip, and was designed to mitigate the potential issues of guidewires advancing, guidewires kinking, and bending guidewires out of the surgical site.1 The Y-Needle family provides you four uniquely designed Y Needles that deliver the Y-Wire. 
  • The Y-Wire features a unique bifurcated tip that is designed to prevent advancement of the guidewire through vertebrae and allows for reduced exposure to fluoroscopy, fewer surgical steps, procedural ease, and patient safety2
  • The Y-200, Y-300 and Y-400 Needles all have a threaded mechanism that allows for controlled advancement and retraction of the needle through bone
  • The Y-300 Needle offers an integral broach built-in at the tip of the needle that reams a Ø4.5mm x 15mm hole in the pedicle, which provides a one-step 30mm deposit of the Y-wire into the vertebral body
  • The Y-400 Needle features a tap sheath that allows placement of a tap tube during initial pedicle access and cannulation. In addition, this needle includes a built-in measurement system designed for rapid determination of needle insertion depth
  • Hardin C, Preiss JE, Gutierrez S, Isaacs R. Redesigning a K-wire limits inadvertent advancement: A biomechanical study. Duke University Medical Center Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery. March 2016. 
  • Zavatsky JM, Waddell B. Significant reduction in fluoroscopy time and radiation dosage utilizing an innovative guide wire in the placement of percutaneous MIS pedicle screws. 13th Annual Conference of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery; 2013 Apr 3-5; Vancouver, CA. 

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