SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System

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SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System
Category: Minimally Invasive, Spinal Access and Decompression

The SERENGETI Minimally Invasive Retractor System features a screw-based method of retraction to provide a fixed position in the anatomy. The simplified and flexible design allows for one-step, percutaneous placement of the screw and Retractor, with direct visualization and access for rod introduction.


  • Direct visualization and access to the screw heads for simple rod insertion
  • Flexible design to simplify multi-level and L5-S1 rod insertion
  • One-step, percutaneous delivery of the screw and retractor
  • Minimally invasive technique to help reduce potential for musculature and vascular disruption
  • Used with the TERRA NOVA Minimally Invasive Access System for direct posterior interbody access

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