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Category: Thoracolumbar Fixation

A percutaneous pedicle screw system providing efficiency, simplicity and security for MIS procedures.


Efficiency. Simplicity. Security. 
We developed this system with surgeon input to offer efficiency, simplicity and security for MIS procedures. ES2 provides you a low profile fixation solution along with streamlined instrumentation, making it simple for your team to care for your patients.
  • Integrated blade design with 15mm of built-in reduction threads
  • Ring allows for precise rod contouring thanks to its secure fixation to the screw and its ability to attach at various points along the blade
  • Accepts both ∅5.5 and ∅6.0mm pre-cut straight and pre-bent titanium rods for addressing multiple pathologies with one system
  • Screws feature three cutting flutes to facilitate insertion as well as a cortical cancellous thread pattern that is designed to match the pedicle anatomy and allow for strong pedicle purchase
  • Innovative instrumentation for simplicity
  • Compatible with power and navigation capabilities

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