Xia CT (Cortical Trajectory)

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Xia CT (Cortical Trajectory)
Category: Thoracolumbar Fixation

A comprehensive set of implants and instruments that facilitates a less invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion through the use of low profile screws placed in a cortical trajectory


The LITe LIF (less invasive technologies lumbar interbody fusion) procedure using the Xia CT (Cortical Trajectory) implants and instruments facilitates a midline approach to help achieve decompression and fixation. You can use the Xia CT implants and instruments to place screws in a cortical trajectory in the lumbar spine. When used together with Xia CT, the LITe Midline Retractor offers you optimized visualization of the surgical site without the need for headlamps. 
  • Modular taps provide a low profile post for distraction without the need for in situ screw head assembly
  • The low profile screw head (12.1 mm) allows you to directly visualize the anatomy and optimize your screw placement in a LITe LIF procedure
  • The universal distractor has multiple adapter options to accommodate a variety of distraction methodologies

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