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NILE® Proximal Fixation Spinal System
Category: Complex Spine, Thoracolumbar Fixation

The NILE Proximal Fixation Spinal System is specifically designed for proximal construct augmentation. NILE Proximal Fixation consists of bands, connectors, and anchors* that may be used in conjunction with spinal rod constructs for attachment to the posterior vertebral structures at the proximal end of the construct.


  • Woven bands to provide strength and maintain structure
  • Bands are color-coded to indicate orientation
  • Smooth band surface finish
  • Low volume and profile connectors
  • Band and rod locking mechanisms independent of each other
  • Multiple styles of connectors; semi-adjustable (single and double slot), adjustable, and medial offset
  • Can be used to provide additional fixation in a MESA, MESA 2, EVEREST, or DENALI spinal system construct through sublaminar passage or attachment to an anchor*
*The anchors are not FDA cleared or available for sale in the United States.

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