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Category: Thoracolumbar Fixation

A simple, one-piece design with low-profile, anatomically designed plates that feature a radial spike pattern for optimized positioning and grip between the spinous processes


This plate is a posterior, non-pedicle supplemental fixation device, intended for use at a single level in the non-cervical spine (T1-S1). It is intended for plate fixation to spinous processes for the purpose of achieving supplemental fusion in the following conditions: degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, and/or tumor. This plate is intended for use with bone graft and is not intended for stand-alone use.
  • One piece – no assembly required
  • Low-profile, anatomically designed plates
  • Radial spike pattern for optimized positioning and grip
  • Streamlined instrumentation that allows for posterior midline locking
  • A compressor for the application of additional force before final tightening

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