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Category: Thoracolumbar Fixation

Comprehensive pedicle screw system featuring a unique, non-threaded, no torque locking mechanism


This system features a non-threaded locking mechanism that does not require a torque measuring device and is designed to reduce the potential for false locking and cross-threading. This award-winning technology is designed to help increase the speed, ease, and reliability of connecting rods to screws.1
  • The unique dovetail feature of the helical wedge lock mechanism allows for a low volume, polyaxial screw and is designed to keep the screw head from spreading during locking.
  • Laser marked lines on the locking cap align with laser marked lines on the tulip to give you a visual indicator that the screw is fully locked to the rod
  • Two-stage (provisionally and fully locked) locking cap designed to evenly distribute load onto the rod and allow for easy compression and distraction adjustments.
  • Multiple screw options including standard polyaxial, dual lead polyaxial, cannulated polyaxial, standard monoaxial, and large diameter options for iliac fixation. The dual lead cortical thread of the Radius Rapid Screws is designed to help increase the speed of screw insertion.

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