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Category: Thoracolumbar Fixation

Thoracolumbar posted pedicle screw system featuring ball-ring technology, a medialized rod and a unique one-step, medial access locking mechanism


This system features offset connectors with ball-ring locking technology. The low profile, posted screws allow additional room for decortication, and can also serve as distraction anchors during interbody fusion procedures. Multiple offset connector sizes allow you connect to the medialized rod while avoiding adjacent level facet joints and using little to no rod manipulation. 
  • Ball-ring technology is designed to ease construct placement and give you an extra degree of freedom to avoid the facet joint 
  • One step, medial access locking to reduce your surgical steps 
  • Spondylolisthesis reduction instrument gives you 1mm of reduction for every turn of the reduction key 
  • Bone screw features the Xia cortical cancellous thread pattern, which has been shown to increase pull-out strength over competitive thread patterns1

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